Many of the carriers used by our manufacturers are listed below.
If you have any questions about the delivery of your orders, please contact our customer service.

Co Abbreviation Company/Carrier Web Address Phone
FedEx Federal Express 800.GOFEDEX
UPS United Parcel Service 800.742.5877
DHL DHL 800.225.5345
ABFS ABF Freight Ways 800.610.5544
ARFW American Freightways 708.238.8466
ABFS ABFS/ABFN 770.363.4480
AVRT Averitt Express 800.283.7488
CFWY Consolidate Freightway 909.595.6972
CRST CRST, Inc 800.767.6919
CWWE Conway Western Express 800.545.9683
CTI Central Trucking 800.376.8121
CWCE Conway Central Express 734.994.6600
CENF Central Freightliners 800.782.5036
DUGN Dugan 404.362.3624
EMAF Emery Worldwide 800.443.6379
EXLA Estes 800.554.8307
GATF Gator Freightways 800.543.5589
HMES Holland Motor Express 616.395.5000
MSCC Swift 800.238.6675
OVNT Overnite 770.622.3581
RBTW CH Robinson Transportation 855.229.6128
RSEL Red Star 770.957.4745
RNLO R&L Carriers
RRTS Roadrunner Transportation 800.831.4394
RETL Reddaway 800.395.1178
SAIA SAIA 800.765.7242
SEFL Southeastern Freight 800.991.7335
SCNN Schneider National 800.558.6767
YFSY Yellow 800.610.6550
YRC 800.610.6500