Architectural “minimal” indoor and outdoor lighting

Above All Lighitng

Commercial and Industrial LED indoor and outdoor light fixtures


A comprehensive selection of low glare architectural LED downlight, linear, floods and accent lighting

Acolyte LED Lighting Solutions

LED fixtures, ribbon, drivers and controls

Airey-Thompson (Sentinel)

LED Under Cabinet, Cove, Aisle, Task, Dressing Room / Marquee and Telecommunication Lighting

Alera Lighting

Decorative linear pendants, recessed, and wall mounts

All Green Lighting, Inc.

LED Flat Panels, Outdoor LED Lighting and LED Retrofit Kits

Alset LED

LED Highbays, Troffers, and Downlights.

America Cable Systems

Modular flex wiring systems

Amerlux Exterior

Decorative aluminum poles and fixtures with LED

Amerlux Global

Specification grade downlights and track with LED


High-quality LED lighting products


Arancia Lighting

Highly architectural recessed and pendants

Architectural Area Lighting/Moldcast

Architectural outdoor lighting with many LED options


Home of the LARGEST Acoustic Tile Sky Ceilings, Ceiling Art, LED Skylights, Sky Ceiling Panels, LED Backlit Sky Ceilings, Digital Panoramic Wall Murals & the new Virtual Sky!

AV Poles and Lighting, Inc.

Commercial grade poles and brackets for outdoor lighting applications, including custom fabrication, design, and production of products that require made-to-order specifications.

B-K Lighting

Outdoor/landscape/accent/in-ground lighting: low voltage, HID, and LED

Baselite Corporation

Decorative and industrial RLM fixtures, pendants and poles

Beacon Products

Architectural outdoor lighting with many LED options

Beghelli USA

Emergency lighting and lighting including LED

Best Lights, Inc.

Indirect HID lighting systems

Borden Lighting

Architectural pendants, ceiling mounts, and sconces

Bright Light Systems, Inc.

American manufacturer of LED and Light Emitting Plasma (LEP) luminaires and wireless controls that are ideal for industrial sites, rail yards, airports, highways, warehousing and manufacturing facilities.

C G F Design

Security and decorative lighting


Residential and light commercial including Energy Star rated products

Chameleon Lighting

High performance, decorative, convertible LED lighting system. Ever changing and evolving.


An alternative energy systems solution provider whose primary function is to design and retrofit Solar LED Lighting Solutions that reduce utility operating and maintenance costs in pursuit of grid independence.

Columbia Lighting

Spec grade fluorescent and LED recessed & surface

Compass Products

Economical emergency lighting

Concealite Life Safety

Architectural “hidden” emergency lighting

Contrast Lighting M.L.

Downlights and decorative glass shapes with LED options


High-end sleek architectural luminaires which fit modern commercial spaces.

Crenshaw Lighting

Decorative, historic, and custom fine lighting fixtures, made by hand

Crystal Lighting

Decorative Outdoor LED


LED and fluorescent linear, recessed, surface and cove

Deco Lighting

Architectural indoor and outdoor lighting with large LED offering

Delta Light

Decorative indoor and outdoor, with large LED offering

Devine Lighting

Decorative outdoor surface, bollards, and wall-packs


Commercial and industrial emergency and exit units

Elcast Lighting

Decorative cast aluminum out door lighting

Electrix Illumination

Cove, linear, and sconce lighting with LED options


Sustainable eco-friendly architectural lighting solutions for the ever-changing lighting industry.

Encore Landscape Lighting

Decorative Brass, Copper and Aluminum out door landscape lighting

Energetic Lighting

Energy Efficient Lighting Products and Lamps


International collection of lighting

ERCO Lighting, Inc.

High performance German indoor, outdoor and LED


Highly architectural interior and exterior lighting


Decorative indoor and outdoor with LED options

EYE Lighting

HID lamps/ HPS and Metal Halide


Feelux creates technologically-advanced, energy-efficient lighting systems for discerning architects and designers worldwide


Top-tier LED lighting solutions

First Light Technologies

Solar LED pathway lights, bollards and custom designs

Flextronics (LUSIO) Lighting

LED commercial and industrial lighting

Functional Devices, Inc.

Generator transfer relays and lighting controls

Gallium Lighting

LED Downlights

Go Fan Yourself

8′, 12′, 16′, 20′ and 24′ diameter High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fans for very large spaces


Complete line of lamps and ballasts including LED

Heritage Casting (HCI)

Decorative cast aluminum commercial outdoor lighting

Horner Lighting

LED lighting and control products for indoor and outdoor lighting applications.

Hubbell Control Solutions

Lighting controls and occupancy sensors

Hubbell Industrial

Fluorescent, HID, and LED Hazardous Location and Industrial Lighting

Hubbell Outdoor

Fluorescent, HID, LED and Solar Site & Façade Lighting

Hubbell/AB Chance

Power installed foundations and pole anchor bases

I2 Systems

Architectural LED options

ICON International, Inc.

Site-specific lighting designed to solve specific problems, enhance an environment and increase energy efficiency.

Illumitex, LLC

High performance LED products


Self powered wireless controls


LEDlighting and LED RGB color changing

Image Arch Lighting
Impulse Lighting

Commercial lighting products.

Incon Lighting

Energy saving fluorescent lighting

Indatech Lighting

Hazardous and industrial lighting with LED

Indessa Lighting

Interior and exterior architectural sconces with LED

Inovus Solar, Inc.

High performance SOLAR powered LED site lighting and poles

J&J Electronics

Manufacturer of LED color changing and white lighting products for pools, spas and architectural design.


High abuse, clean-room, medical, and security detention lighting now with LED

Kim Lighting

Outdoor and landscape lighting with LED options

Kurt Versen Company

Specification grade downlights with LED

LDPI, Inc.

Hazardous, fluorescent, HID, and Classified lighting


Architectural and theatrical dimming systems

Leotek Electronics

LED Street and canopy lighting

Leviton -Energy Management, Controls & Automation

Creating sustainable, intelligent environments with control devices, network and data center connectivity solutions, and lighting energy management systems.

Lighting Services Inc

Lighting Services Inc (LSI) is the premier manufacturer of Track, Accent, Display and LED Lighting Systems


Linmore LED

Ultra performance retrofit lighting solutions. Minimize energy consumption and maintenance costs. Elevate sustainability, improve aesthetics, and correct lighting levels.

Lumenera Lighting

Continuous linear custom made extruded aluminum LED lighting in Pendant, Recessed, and Surface Mounted fixtures.


Linear fluorescent and retrofit solutions

Lumux Lighting Inc.

Architectural steplights in fluorescent, HID and LED

Luraline Lighting

Decorative energy saving indoor and outdoor lighting

LUX dynamics

High Abuse, Extreme Efficiency, LED and Fluorescent High-bays, American Made


Outdoor/Industrial Lighting Products

Marlin Controls, Inc.

Architectural dimming systems

MKS Advanced LED

Well designed, energy efficient, high end down-light fixtures, utilizing the latest in advanced LED technology.


Energy efficient, robust, waterproof and hazardous location approved luminaires.


Energy Conservation lighting products with LED and Induction sources


Low voltage lighting controls

Noribachi Corporation

US-based, premier LED lighting manufacturer for high output commercial and industrial applications.

Nyx Hemera Technologies

Road and tunnel light control systems

Ohyama Lighting

LED lamps, downlights, panels and more

OptoLum, Inc

Specification grade precision white LED lighting systems.

Organic Lighting Systems

Flexible, energy efficient RGB and White LED lighting applied both indoors and outdoors, as functional or decorative lighting.

Orgatech Lighting

Designer HID and fluorescent lighting

Oxygen Lighting

Decorative, contemporary lighting with LED options

Pace Illumination

Decorative, contemporary, outdoor lighting


Commercial Lighting Fixtures and High Wattage LED Light Bulbs


Architectural-grade lighting products designed to enhance the beauty of your space, while providing outstanding performance, efficiency and value.  Made in the USA.


Pappi Lighting

Extruded outdoor lighting

Perfect Power Systems

Designs and manufactures Central Emergency Lighting Inverters

Picasso Lighting Industries

Decorative linear pendants and recessed

PLP Composite Technologies

Fiberglass lighting poles

Precision Paragon P2

Energy efficient commercial and industrial luminaires and conversion kits.


Fluorescent, incandescent, HID, and LED downlights/track

Prima Lighting

Decorative low voltage lighting


Providers of CUSTOM DESIGNED Lighting Solutions

PTLX Global

Heavy-duty, high performance, LED lighting solutions


Complete line of LED retrofit options

Resilient Lighting

Lighting technology for heavy industrial, transport and logistics and hazardous locations.

Rize Enterprises, LLC

Cable Joiners and Suspension Systems

Robert Lighting & Energy

Lighting equipment for all projects of every budget.

Ryther-Purdy Lumber Co.

Decorative wood lighting standards

SACO Technologies Inc

High-quality video lighting fixtures and media elements for commercial, retail and specialty niche market applications

Security Lighting

Lighting for restaurants, petroleum & convenient store


The world’s most advanced lighting products with security cameras, sound systems, and other smart features.


Traffic control signs and signals


Decorative residential and light commercial

Solar Cynergy

LED pavers

Solar Electric Power Company

SEPCO is the leading manufacturer of commercial solar lighting and remote solar power systems.

Solar Global Solutions

High Quality Solar Power and Energy Storage Systems

Spaulding Lighting

Outdoor poles, post tops, cut-off shoeboxes

Spectrum Lighting

Downlighting and RLM and LED

Sportsbeams Lighting, Inc.

Experts in professional LED sports lighting.

Sportsliter Solutions

Sports lighting

Square 1 Precision Lighting

Cold cathode

SRBT (Luminexit)

Self luminous exits

Sterner Lighting Systems

High performance outdoor pole fixtures floods

Stratus Products

Highmast lighting lowering systems


Wooden and metal light poles, bollards, and funiture

Studio Italia Design

Highly architectual European lighting


Lamps – retrofit, CFL, Linear, LED, and light fixtures

Techline Sports Lighting

Affordable Sports Lighting Solution

TEKA Illumination, Inc.

Decorative exterior landscape lighting fixtures

Tempo Industries

High quality LED lighting products including Theater Step & Aisle Lighting

Times Square Lighting

Track and theatrical lighting, now with LED


Large scale of LED lighting solutions designed and developed to provide the best product for any surface lighting challenge, including signage.

Tube Lighting Products

Accent and theatre LED lighting


American handcrafted, unique, high quality designs, using the most advanced lamping technologies for architectural statements.

Utility Metals

Lighting Fixture Brackets, Arms and Poles

Valmont Structures/Industries

Engineered infrastructure for the lighting, transportation and wireless communications industries worldwide



LED replacement lamps and downlights

Victor Illuminating, Inc.

Decorative pendants, sconces, and custom lighting


Decorative cast iron lighting

Vision Engineering

Innovative, glare free, efficient LED industrial, commercial, outdoor and sign lighting products and wireless lighting controls.

VISO Inc. and DARK

Contemporary pendants, sconces, surface and portables

Visual Lighting Technologies

High Performance Fiber Optic and LED Lighting

Vode Lighting

Elegant, minimalistic yet adaptive architectural lighting systems that responsibly enhance public, commercial and educational interior spaces.

Voigt Lighting

Energy efficient indoor and architectural lighting


Architectural recessed and linear systems and LED