Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Go Fan Yourself – It’s different and it is REALLY COOL!

It’s finally here… the FUTURE of air movement!

Take the

Big Fan Challenge.

Make your building feel 10 degrees cooler.

Go Fan Yourself has combined cutting edge, patent-pending technology along with a modern industrial design to provide the largest HVLS Fan coverage area – setting NEW standards in the industry.


Meet the Z-Tech™ Fan.



The Z-Tech™ Difference

Go Fan Yourself created a stepped, symmetrical blade that dramatically reduces the frictional resistance and drag while greatly INCREASING the air displacement and thrust.  The stepped blades stay in contact with the air while naturally creating and generating more air-flow and displacement. Now THAT is truly “cutting edge”!

FAN-tastic Z-Tech™ Specs:

  • 425,000 CFM Output – 30% more coverage compared to our competitors
  • Forward AND Reverse Rotation – True Reversibility
  • Pitched Hub ELIMINATES “dead zone” under the fan
  • Best-In-Class ABB Controller


“Over the years, I have installed many large diameter ceiling fans to ventilate our 150,000 square foot manufacturing plant. Thanks to Go Fan Yourself, that job became extremely easy. I cannot believe the difference in the airflow and area of coverage that the GFY fans produce. GFY made the whole process of ordering and installation extremely painless.” – Kevin Small, Facility Manager, MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions

“Medline has used other big fan manufacturers over the years. We have evaluated those fans next to Go Fan Yourself fans and have determined that GFY fans are the best choice for Medline. The overall performance of the GFY fans has helped to make our facility more comfortable year round. The people working in the areas where the different fans are installed all prefer GFY fans over the competitor’s big fans.” – Robert Paull, Operations & Maintenance Manager, Medline Industries 


Our customer’s highest satisfaction is our ultimate goal. The proof is in the air – so take the Big Fan Challenge to see and FEEL the GFY difference and prepare to be blown away.


We say “Go Fan Yourself” to the competition – we are confident you will too!  Yes, we ARE different…. And that’s really COOL!